Okapilco Elementary School

Each Day – Excellence in Every Way

About the Media Specialist

Mrs. Val Bell - Media Specialist

I'm very happy for your child to "BEE" a part of my hive!!!  I am a certified teacher of grade K-8 and have recently obtained a degree in Media Specialist Technology from Valdosta State University.

I am married to Charlie Bell and am a mother of 2 boy: Harrison and Grant. Our family lives on a farm in which we have a variety of animals including the following:  3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 donkey, 5 show goats, 2 miniature horses, and many chickens. 

I have been teaching for a total of 24 years.  During those years I taught 3 years in 1st grade and and 16 years in 2nd grade.  It is my privilege to be a part of the Okapilco team.  We teachers look forward to each day to help our students learn and meet success.  Please visit the library when you are at Okapilco. We look forward to seeing you!

Great Books In Our Library

Encourage your child to read different kinds of books to expand their knowledge, imagination, and creativity.  Reading is essential to your child's success in life.

Library Curriculum

Grade One:
In first grade we concentrate on library rules and procedures, book care, ABC Order /arrangement of the library, parts of the call #, fiction/non-fiction, book characters, nursery rhymes, author/title/illustrator and fairy tales.

Grade Two:
The second grade curriculum builds on the above with book location, ABC order to the third letter, parts of a book, Caldecott Award, story recall and tall tales

Grade Three:
Our time in third grade is spent reviewing the two grades above and adding genre classification, dictionary skills, on-line catalog search, encyclopedias, plot summarization, and book character development.

Grade Four:
Curriculum in fourth grade concentrates on detailed use of  encyclopedias, thesaurus, atlases, fact/opinion, Dewey Decimal system, key words, indexes, friendly letters, author research and the Newberry Award.

Grade Five:
 The fifth grade curriculum is a very intensive study of using reference sources for an independent research project.  We touch on note taking, Internet research, bibliographies, scanning for important, time management, organizing materials into a finished project and categorizing books.

Appreciation for Literature:

Students can meet with Mrs. Bell to develop an appreciation for various literary genres, become familiar with noted authors and illustrators, research topics of interest, use educational software, and have access to the internet. 

Added Enrichment:

Classroom teachers may bring their students to the library on a flexible schedule to expand their classroom units of study by co-teaching lessons with Mrs. Bell.  Students may also work in small groups with Mrs. Bell for added enrichment or remediation.

Library Volunteers:

Library volunteers are always welcome and can assist in keeping Okapilco's Media Center running smoothly.

Donations of Books:

Although Okapilco's library has many books available, there is plenty of room for the collection to grow.  Books may be donated to our library in honor of someone's birthday or special achievement.  Please stop by and see us.

Taking Care of Our Materials:

Every class is constantly being reinforced with the responsible use of library materials. Students are encouraged to take very good care of all books and materials checked from the library.  Library class should be a very positive, fun-filled part of each child's school week.